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Singular Value Decomposition Solvers - SVD: Examples

The Singular Value Decomposition Solver (SVD) is very similar to the EPS object, but intended for the computation of the partial SVD of a rectangular matrix. With this type of object, the user can specify an SVD problem and solve it with any of the different solvers encapsulated by the package. Some of these solvers are actually implemented through calls to EPS eigensolvers.

The user interface is very similar to that of EPS, both for the options database (e.g., -svd_nsv 4 -svd_type lanczos), and for the programmatic interface (e.g., SVDSetDimensions() / SVDSetType()).

Beginner - Basic usage
SVD SVDGetConverged SVDSolve
SVDComputeError SVDGetSingularTriplet SVDType
SVDCreate SVDSetFromOptions SVDView
SVDDestroy SVDSetOperator
Intermediate - Setting options for algorithms and data structures
SVDConv SVDGetType SVDSetDimensions
SVDConvergedReason SVDGetWhichSingularTriplets SVDSetInitialSpaces
SVDErrorType SVDMonitorAll SVDSetTolerances
SVDErrorView SVDMonitorCancel SVDSetType
SVDGetConvergedReason SVDMonitorConverged SVDSetWhichSingularTriplets
SVDGetConvergenceTest SVDMonitorFirst SVDValuesView
SVDGetDimensions SVDMonitorLGCreate SVDVectorsView
SVDGetIterationNumber SVDMonitorSet SVDViewFromOptions
SVDGetMonitorContext SVDReasonView SVDWhich
SVDGetTolerances SVDSetConvergenceTest
Advanced - Setting more advanced options and customization
SVDAppendOptionsPrefix SVDGetOperator SVDReset
SVDCrossGetEPS SVDGetOptionsPrefix SVDSetBV
SVDCrossGetExplicitMatrix SVDGetStoppingTest SVDSetConvergenceTestFunction
SVDCrossSetEPS SVDLanczosGetOneSide SVDSetDS
SVDCrossSetExplicitMatrix SVDLanczosSetOneSide SVDSetImplicitTranspose
SVDCyclicGetEPS SVDPRIMMEGetBlockSize SVDSetOptionsPrefix
SVDCyclicGetExplicitMatrix SVDPRIMMEGetMethod SVDSetStoppingTest
SVDCyclicSetEPS SVDPRIMMEMethod SVDSetStoppingTestFunction
SVDCyclicSetExplicitMatrix SVDPRIMMESetBlockSize SVDStop
SVDGetBV SVDPRIMMESetMethod SVDStoppingBasic
SVDGetDS SVDRegister SVDTRLanczosGetOneSide
SVDGetImplicitTranspose SVDRegisterAll SVDTRLanczosSetOneSide
Developer - Interfaces intended primarily for library developers, not for typical applications programmers
SVDAllocateSolution SVDGetTrackAll SVDSetTrackAll
SVDConvMonitorSetFromOptions SVDInitializePackage SVDSetUp
SVDErrorViewFromOptions SVDMonitorSetFromOptions SVDValuesViewFromOptions
SVDFinalizePackage SVDReasonViewFromOptions SVDVectorsViewFromOptions
No deprecated routines

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