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Indicate if the variant of the Lanczos method to be used is one-sided or two-sided.


#include "slepcsvd.h" 
PetscErrorCode SVDLanczosSetOneSide(SVD svd,PetscBool oneside)
Logically Collective on svd

Input Parameters

svd  - singular value solver
oneside  - boolean flag indicating if the method is one-sided or not

Options Database Key

-svd_lanczos_oneside <boolean>  - Indicates the boolean flag


By default, a two-sided variant is selected, which is sometimes slightly more robust. However, the one-sided variant is faster because it avoids the orthogonalization associated to left singular vectors. It also saves the memory required for storing such vectors.

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Location: src/svd/impls/lanczos/gklanczos.c
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