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Computes the error (based on the residual norm) associated with the i-th singular triplet.


#include "slepcsvd.h" 
PetscErrorCode SVDComputeError(SVD svd,PetscInt i,SVDErrorType type,PetscReal *error)
Collective on svd

Input Parameter

svd  - the singular value solver context
i  - the solution index
type  - the type of error to compute

Output Parameter

error  - the error


The error can be computed in various ways, all of them based on the residual norm obtained as sqrt(n1^2+n2^2) with n1 = ||A*v-sigma*u||_2 and n2 = ||A^T*u-sigma*v||_2, where sigma is the singular value, u is the left singular vector and v is the right singular vector.

See Also

SVDErrorType, SVDSolve()

Location: src/svd/interface/svdsolve.c
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