slepc-3.13.0 2020-03-31
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Specifies which singular triplets are to be sought.


#include "slepcsvd.h" 
PetscErrorCode SVDSetWhichSingularTriplets(SVD svd,SVDWhich which)
Logically Collective on svd

Input Parameter

svd  - singular value solver context obtained from SVDCreate()

Output Parameter

which  - which singular triplets are to be sought

Possible values

The parameter 'which' can have one of these values

SVD_LARGEST  - largest singular values
SVD_SMALLEST  - smallest singular values

Options Database Keys

-svd_largest  - Sets largest singular values
-svd_smallest  - Sets smallest singular values

See Also

SVDGetWhichSingularTriplets(), SVDWhich

Location: src/svd/interface/svdopts.c
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