slepc-3.13.0 2020-03-31
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Displays the errors associated with the computed solution (as well as the singular values).


#include "slepcsvd.h" 
PetscErrorCode SVDErrorView(SVD svd,SVDErrorType etype,PetscViewer viewer)
Collective on svd

Input Parameters

svd  - the singular value solver context
etype  - error type
viewer  - optional visualization context

Options Database Key

-svd_error_absolute  - print absolute errors of each singular triplet
-svd_error_relative  - print relative errors of each singular triplet


By default, this function checks the error of all singular triplets and prints the singular values if all of them are below the requested tolerance. If the viewer has format=PETSC_VIEWER_ASCII_INFO_DETAIL then a table with singular values and corresponding errors is printed.

See Also

SVDSolve(), SVDValuesView(), SVDVectorsView()

Location: src/svd/interface/svdview.c
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