slepc-3.13.0 2020-03-31
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The maximum block size that PRIMME will try to use.


#include "slepcsvd.h" 
PetscErrorCode SVDPRIMMESetBlockSize(SVD svd,PetscInt bs)
Logically Collective on svd

Input Parameters

svd  - the singular value solver context
bs  - block size

Options Database Key

-svd_primme_blocksize  - Sets the max allowed block size value


If the block size is not set, the value established by primme_svds_initialize is used.

The user should set the block size based on the architecture specifics of the target computer, as well as any a priori knowledge of multiplicities. The code does NOT require bs > 1 to find multiple eigenvalues. For some methods, keeping bs = 1 yields the best overall performance.

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