slepc-3.14.2 2021-02-01
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Direct Solver (or Dense System) - DS

The DS package provides auxiliary routines that are internally used by the different SLEPc solvers. It is used to represent low-dimensional eigenproblems that must be solved within iterative solvers with direct methods. It can be seen as a structured wrapper to LAPACK functionality.

These routines are usually not needed by application programmers.

Beginner - Basic usage
DS DSDestroy DSView
DSCreate DSSetFromOptions
Intermediate - Setting options for algorithms and data structures
DSAllocate DSPEPGetDegree DSSetType
DSDuplicate DSPEPSetDegree DSSolve
DSGetBlockSize DSSetBlockSize DSSort
DSGetDimensions DSSetDimensions DSVectors
DSGetMethod DSSetIdentity DSViewFromOptions
DSGetType DSSetMethod
Advanced - Setting more advanced options and customization
DSAppendOptionsPrefix DSMatType DSRestoreMat
DSCond DSNEPGetFN DSSetCompact
DSGetArray DSNEPGetNumFN DSSetExtraRow
DSGetArrayReal DSNEPSetFN DSSetOptionsPrefix
DSGetCompact DSPEPGetCoefficients DSSetParallel
DSGetExtraRow DSPEPSetCoefficients DSSetRefined
DSGetLeadingDimension DSParallelType DSSetState
DSGetMat DSRegister DSSortWithPermutation
DSGetOptionsPrefix DSRegisterAll DSStateType
DSGetParallel DSReset DSTruncate
DSGetRefined DSRestoreArray DSType
DSGetState DSRestoreArrayReal DSUpdateExtraRow
Developer - Interfaces intended primarily for library developers, not for typical applications programmers
DSCopyMat DSMatIsHermitian DSSynchronize
DSFinalizePackage DSNEPSetComputeMatrixFunction DSTranslateHarmonic
DSGetSlepcSC DSOrthogonalize DSTranslateRKS
DSInitializePackage DSPseudoOrthogonalize DSViewMat
DSMatGetSize DSSetSlepcSC
No deprecated routines

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