slepc-3.15.0 2021-03-31
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Sets a number of functions that define the nonlinear eigenproblem.


#include "slepcds.h" 
PetscErrorCode DSNEPSetFN(DS ds,PetscInt n,FN fn[])
Collective on ds

Input Parameters

ds  - the direct solver context
n  - number of functions
fn  - array of functions


The nonlinear eigenproblem is defined in terms of the split nonlinear operator T(lambda) = sum_i A_i*f_i(lambda).

This function must be called before DSAllocate(). Then DSAllocate() will allocate an extra matrix A_i per each function, that can be filled in the usual way.

See Also

DSNEPGetFN(), DSAllocate()

Location: src/sys/classes/ds/impls/nep/dsnep.c
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