slepc-3.15.0 2021-03-31
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Sets the polynomial basis coefficients for a DSPEP.


#include "slepcds.h" 
PetscErrorCode DSPEPSetCoefficients(DS ds,PetscReal *pbc)
Logically Collective on ds

Input Parameters

ds  - the direct solver context
pbc  - the polynomial basis coefficients


This function is required only in the case of a polynomial specified in a non-monomial basis, to provide the coefficients that will be used during the linearization, multiplying the identity blocks on the three main diagonal blocks. Depending on the polynomial basis (Chebyshev, Legendre, ...) the coefficients must be different.

There must be a total of 3*(d+1) coefficients, where d is the degree of the polynomial. The coefficients are arranged in three groups: alpha, beta, and gamma, according to the definition of the three-term recurrence. In the case of the monomial basis, alpha=1 and beta=gamma=0, in which case it is not necessary to invoke this function.

See Also

DSPEPGetCoefficients(), DSPEPSetDegree()

Location: src/sys/classes/ds/impls/pep/dspep.c
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