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Dense Hermitian Eigenvalue Problem.


The problem is expressed as A*X = X*Lambda, where A is real symmetric (or complex Hermitian). Lambda is a diagonal matrix whose diagonal elements are the arguments of DSSolve(). After solve, A is overwritten with Lambda.

In the intermediate state A is reduced to tridiagonal form. In compact storage format, the symmetric tridiagonal matrix is stored in T.

Used DS matrices

DS_MAT_A  - problem matrix
DS_MAT_T  - symmetric tridiagonal matrix
DS_MAT_Q  - orthogonal/unitary transformation that reduces to tridiagonal form (intermediate step) or matrix of orthogonal eigenvectors, which is equal to X

Implemented methods

0  - Implicit QR (_steqr)
1  - Multiple Relatively Robust Representations (_stevr)
2  - Divide and Conquer (_stedc)
3  - Block Divide and Conquer (real scalars only)

See Also

DSCreate(), DSSetType(), DSType





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