slepc-3.15.0 2021-03-31
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Sets a user-provided subroutine to compute the matrices T(lambda) or T'(lambda).


#include "slepcds.h" 
PetscErrorCode DSNEPSetComputeMatrixFunction(DS ds,PetscErrorCode (*fun)(DS,PetscScalar,PetscBool,DSMatType,void*),void *ctx)
Logically Collective on ds

Input Parameters

ds  - the direct solver context
fun  - a pointer to the user function
ctx  - a context pointer (the last parameter to the user function)

Calling Sequence of fun

  fun(DS ds,PetscScalar lambda,PetscBool deriv,DSMatType mat,void *ctx)

ds  - the direct solver object
lambda  - point where T(lambda) or T'(lambda) must be evaluated
deriv  - if true compute T'(lambda), otherwise compute T(lambda)
mat  - the DS matrix where the result must be stored
ctx  - optional context, as set by DSNEPSetComputeMatrixFunction()


The result is computed as T(lambda) = sum_i E_i*f_i(lambda), and similarly for the derivative.

Location: src/sys/classes/ds/impls/nep/dsnep.c
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