slepc-3.15.0 2021-03-31
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Sets a flag to indicate that the matrix has one extra row.


#include "slepcds.h" 
PetscErrorCode DSSetExtraRow(DS ds,PetscBool ext)
Logically Collective on ds

Input Parameter

ds  - the direct solver context
ext  - a boolean flag


In Krylov methods it is useful that the matrix representing the direct solver has one extra row, i.e., has dimension (n+1) x n. If this flag is activated, all transformations applied to the right of the matrix also affect this additional row. In that case, (n+1) must be less or equal than the leading dimension.

The default is PETSC_FALSE.

See Also

DSSolve(), DSAllocate(), DSGetExtraRow()

Location: src/sys/classes/ds/interface/dsbasic.c
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