Hands-On Exercises  

Hands-On Exercises for SLEPc

Apr 2023
Intended for use with version 3.19 of SLEPc

These exercises introduce application development in SLEPc, the Scalable Library for Eigenvalue Problem Computations. A basic knowledge of PETSc is assumed. The first exercise (exercise 0) is just a guided tour on how to get started compiling and running programs. Exercises 1, 2, 3, and 4 are intended to cover most of the basic SLEPc functionality. The rest of the exercises illustrate more advanced features. All the example programs used in the exercises are included in the SLEPc distribution and are also available at its web site.

Exercise 0: Hello World
Exercise 1: Standard Symmetric Eigenvalue Problem
Exercise 2: Standard Non-Symmetric Eigenvalue Problem
Exercise 3: Generalized Eigenvalue Problem Stored in a File
Exercise 4: Singular Value Decomposition
Exercise 5: Problem without Explicit Matrix Storage
Exercise 6: Parallel Execution
Exercise 7: Use of Deflation Subspaces
Exercise 8: Quadratic Eigenvalue Problem

For reference, detailed information on usage of SLEPc and PETSc may be found at the following links:

Printable version of these exercises: pdf