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Choose between TOAR-basis (default) and full-basis variants of the NLEIGS method.


#include "slepcnep.h" 
PetscErrorCode NEPNLEIGSSetFullBasis(NEP nep,PetscBool fullbasis)
Logically Collective on nep

Input Parameters

nep  - the nonlinear eigensolver context
fullbasis  - true if the full-basis variant must be selected

Options Database Key

-nep_nleigs_full_basis  - Sets the full-basis flag


The default is to use a compact representation of the Krylov basis, that is, V = (I otimes U) S, with a tensor BV. This behaviour can be changed so that the full basis V is explicitly stored and operated with. This variant is more expensive in terms of memory and computation, but is necessary in some cases, particularly for two-sided computations, see NEPSetTwoSided().

In the full-basis variant, the NLEIGS solver uses an EPS object to explicitly solve the linearized eigenproblem, see NEPNLEIGSGetEPS().

See Also

NEPNLEIGSGetFullBasis(), NEPNLEIGSGetEPS(), NEPSetTwoSided(), BVCreateTensor()

Location: src/nep/impls/nleigs/nleigs.c



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