slepc-3.16.0 2021-09-30
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Displays the reason an MFN solve converged or diverged.


#include "slepcmfn.h" 
PetscErrorCode MFNConvergedReasonView(MFN mfn,PetscViewer viewer)
Collective on mfn

Input Parameters

mfn  - the matrix function context
viewer  - the viewer to display the reason

Options Database Keys

-mfn_converged_reason  - print reason for convergence, and number of iterations


To change the format of the output call PetscViewerPushFormat(viewer,format) before this call. Use PETSC_VIEWER_DEFAULT for the default, use PETSC_VIEWER_FAILED to only display a reason if it fails. The latter can be set in the command line with -mfn_converged_reason ::failed

See Also

MFNSetTolerances(), MFNGetIterationNumber(), MFNConvergedReasonViewFromOptions()

Location: src/mfn/interface/mfnbasic.c
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