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Matrix Function - MFN: Examples

Matrix Function (MFN) is the object provided by SLEPc for computing the action of a matrix function on a vector. Given a matrix A and a vector b, the call MFNSolve(mfn,b,x) computes x=f(A)b, where f is a function such as the exponential.

Beginner - Basic usage
MFN MFNSetFN MFNSolveTranspose
MFNCreate MFNSetFromOptions MFNType
MFNDestroy MFNSetOperator MFNView
Intermediate - Setting options for algorithms and data structures
MFNConvergedReason MFNGetOperator MFNSetDimensions
MFNConvergedReasonView MFNGetTolerances MFNSetErrorIfNotConverged
MFNGetConvergedReason MFNGetType MFNSetTolerances
MFNGetDimensions MFNMonitorCancel MFNSetType
MFNGetErrorIfNotConverged MFNMonitorDefault MFNViewFromOptions
MFNGetIterationNumber MFNMonitorLGCreate
MFNGetMonitorContext MFNMonitorSet
Advanced - Setting more advanced options and customization
MFNAppendOptionsPrefix MFNRegister MFNSetBV
MFNGetBV MFNRegisterAll MFNSetOptionsPrefix
MFNGetOptionsPrefix MFNReset
Developer - Interfaces intended primarily for library developers, not for typical applications programmers
MFNAllocateSolution MFNFinalizePackage MFNMonitorSetFromOptions
MFNConvergedReasonViewFromOptions MFNInitializePackage MFNSetUp
No deprecated routines

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