slepc-3.15.2 2021-09-20
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Sets the right-hand side of the matrix equation, as a low-rank matrix.


#include "slepclme.h" 
PetscErrorCode LMESetRHS(LME lme,Mat C)
Collective on lme

Input Parameters

lme  - the matrix function context
C  - the right-hand side matrix


The matrix equation takes the general form A*X*E+D*X*B=C, where matrix C is given with this function. C must be a low-rank matrix of type MATLRC, that is, C = U*D*V' where D is diagonal of order k, and U, V are dense tall-skinny matrices with k columns. No sparse matrix must be provided when creating the MATLRC matrix.

In equation types that require C to be symmetric, such as Lyapunov, C must be created with V=U (or V=NULL).

See Also

LMESetSolution(), LMESetProblemType()

Location: src/lme/interface/lmesetup.c



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