slepc-3.14.2 2021-02-01
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Linear Matrix Equation - LME: Examples

Linear Matrix Equation (LME) is the object provided by SLEPc for solving linear matrix equations such as Lyapunov or Sylvester where the solution has low rank.

Beginner - Basic usage
LME LMESetCoefficients LMESolve
LMECreate LMESetFromOptions LMEType
LMEDestroy LMESetProblemType LMEView
LMEProblemType LMESetRHS
Intermediate - Setting options for algorithms and data structures
LMEConvergedReason LMEGetProblemType LMEMonitorSet
LMEConvergedReasonView LMEGetRHS LMESetDimensions
LMEGetCoefficients LMEGetSolution LMESetErrorIfNotConverged
LMEGetConvergedReason LMEGetTolerances LMESetSolution
LMEGetDimensions LMEGetType LMESetTolerances
LMEGetErrorIfNotConverged LMEMonitorCancel LMESetType
LMEGetIterationNumber LMEMonitorDefault LMEViewFromOptions
LMEGetMonitorContext LMEMonitorLGCreate
Advanced - Setting more advanced options and customization
LMEAppendOptionsPrefix LMEGetOptionsPrefix LMESetBV
LMEComputeError LMERegister LMESetOptionsPrefix
LMEGetBV LMERegisterAll
LMEGetErrorEstimate LMEReset
Developer - Interfaces intended primarily for library developers, not for typical applications programmers
LMEAllocateSolution LMEDenseLyapunov LMEMonitorSetFromOptions
LMEConvergedReasonViewFromOptions LMEFinalizePackage LMESetUp
LMEDenseHessLyapunovChol LMEInitializePackage
No deprecated routines

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