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Default routine to determine whether the outer eigensolver iteration must be stopped.


#include "slepceps.h" 
PetscErrorCode EPSStoppingBasic(EPS eps,PetscInt its,PetscInt max_it,PetscInt nconv,PetscInt nev,EPSConvergedReason *reason,void *ctx)
Collective on eps

Input Parameters

eps  - eigensolver context obtained from EPSCreate()
its  - current number of iterations
max_it  - maximum number of iterations
nconv  - number of currently converged eigenpairs
nev  - number of requested eigenpairs
ctx  - context (not used here)

Output Parameter

reason  - result of the stopping test


A positive value of reason indicates that the iteration has finished successfully (converged), and a negative value indicates an error condition (diverged). If the iteration needs to be continued, reason must be set to EPS_CONVERGED_ITERATING (zero).

EPSStoppingBasic() will stop if all requested eigenvalues are converged, or if the maximum number of iterations has been reached.

Use EPSSetStoppingTest() to provide your own test instead of using this one.

See Also

EPSSetStoppingTest(), EPSConvergedReason, EPSGetConvergedReason()

Location: src/eps/interface/epsdefault.c



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