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Gets an orthonormal basis of the computed invariant subspace.


#include "slepceps.h" 
PetscErrorCode EPSGetInvariantSubspace(EPS eps,Vec v[])
Not Collective, but vectors are shared by all processors that share the EPS

Input Parameter

eps  - the eigensolver context

Output Parameter

v  - an array of vectors


This function should be called after EPSSolve() has finished.

The user should provide in v an array of nconv vectors, where nconv is the value returned by EPSGetConverged().

The first k vectors returned in v span an invariant subspace associated with the first k computed eigenvalues (note that this is not true if the k-th eigenvalue is complex and matrix A is real; in this case the first k+1 vectors should be used). An invariant subspace X of A satisfies Ax in X for all x in X (a similar definition applies for generalized eigenproblems).

See Also

EPSGetEigenpair(), EPSGetConverged(), EPSSolve()

Location: src/eps/interface/epssolve.c
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