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Sets the routine to be called after the eigensolution process has finished in order to transform back the computed eigenvalues.


#include "slepcst.h" 
PetscErrorCode STShellSetBackTransform(ST st,PetscErrorCode (*backtr)(ST,PetscInt,PetscScalar*,PetscScalar*))
Logically Collective on st

Input Parameters

st  - the spectral transformation context
backtr  - the application-provided backtransform routine

Calling sequence of backtr

 PetscErrorCode backtr(ST st,PetscScalar *eigr,PetscScalar *eigi)

st  - the spectral transformation context
eigr  - pointer ot the real part of the eigenvalue to transform back
eigi  - pointer ot the imaginary part

See Also

STShellSetApply(), STShellSetApplyTranspose()

Location: src/sys/classes/st/impls/shell/shell.c



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