slepc-3.16.1 2021-11-17
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Sets the vertices that define the polygon region.


#include "slepcrg.h" 
PetscErrorCode RGPolygonSetVertices(RG rg,PetscInt n,PetscScalar vr[],PetscScalar vi[])
Logically Collective on rg

Input Parameters

rg  - the region context
n  - number of vertices
vr  - array of vertices
vi  - array of vertices (imaginary part)

Options Database Keys

-rg_polygon_vertices  - Sets the vertices
-rg_polygon_verticesi  - Sets the vertices (imaginary part)


In the case of complex scalars, only argument vr is used, containing the complex vertices; the list of vertices can be provided in the command line with a comma-separated list of complex values [+/-][realnumber][+/-]realnumberi with no spaces.

When PETSc is built with real scalars, the real and imaginary parts of the vertices must be provided in two separate arrays (or two lists in the command line). In this case, the region must be symmetric with respect to the real axis.

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