slepc-3.15.1 2021-05-28
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Sets the parameters defining the ellipse region.


#include "slepcrg.h" 
PetscErrorCode RGEllipseSetParameters(RG rg,PetscScalar center,PetscReal radius,PetscReal vscale)
Logically Collective on rg

Input Parameters

rg  - the region context
center  - center of the ellipse
radius  - radius of the ellipse
vscale  - vertical scale of the ellipse

Options Database Keys

-rg_ellipse_center  - Sets the center
-rg_ellipse_radius  - Sets the radius
-rg_ellipse_vscale  - Sets the vertical scale


In the case of complex scalars, a complex center can be provided in the command line with [+/-][realnumber][+/-]realnumberi with no spaces, e.g. -rg_ellipse_center 1.0+2.0i

When PETSc is built with real scalars, the center is restricted to a real value.

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