slepc-3.16.1 2021-11-17
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Computes the values of the parameters used in a quadrature rule for a contour integral around the boundary of the region.


#include "slepcrg.h" 
PetscErrorCode RGComputeQuadrature(RG rg,RGQuadRule quad,PetscInt n,PetscScalar z[],PetscScalar zn[],PetscScalar w[])
Not Collective

Input Parameters

rg  - the region context
quad  - the type of quadrature
n  - number of quadrature points to compute

Output Parameters

z  - quadrature points
zn  - normalized quadrature points
w  - quadrature weights


In complex scalars, the values returned in z are often the same as those computed by RGComputeContour(), but this is not the case in real scalars where all output arguments are real.

The computed values change for different quadrature rules (trapezoidal or Chebyshev).

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