slepc-3.17.1 2022-04-11
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Specifies how to compute the error estimate used in the convergence test.


#include "slepcpep.h" 
PetscErrorCode PEPSetConvergenceTest(PEP pep,PEPConv conv)
Logically Collective on pep

Input Parameters

pep  - eigensolver context obtained from PEPCreate()
conv  - the type of convergence test

Options Database Keys

-pep_conv_abs  - Sets the absolute convergence test
-pep_conv_rel  - Sets the convergence test relative to the eigenvalue
-pep_conv_norm  - Sets the convergence test relative to the matrix norms
-pep_conv_user  - Selects the user-defined convergence test


The parameter 'conv' can have one of these values
PEP_CONV_ABS  - absolute error ||r||
PEP_CONV_REL  - error relative to the eigenvalue l, ||r||/|l|
PEP_CONV_NORM  - error relative matrix norms, ||r||/sum_i(l^i*||A_i||)
PEP_CONV_USER  - function set by PEPSetConvergenceTestFunction()

See Also

PEPGetConvergenceTest(), PEPSetConvergenceTestFunction(), PEPSetStoppingTest(), PEPConv

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