slepc-3.16.0 2021-09-30
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Specifies the type of polynomial basis used to describe the polynomial eigenvalue problem.


#include "slepcpep.h" 
PetscErrorCode PEPSetBasis(PEP pep,PEPBasis basis)
Logically Collective on pep

Input Parameters

pep  - the polynomial eigensolver context
basis  - the type of polynomial basis

Options Database Key

-pep_basis <basis>  - Select the basis type


By default, the coefficient matrices passed via PEPSetOperators() are expressed in the monomial basis, i.e. P(lambda) = A_0 + lambda*A_1 + lambda^2*A_2 + ... + lambda^d*A_d. Other polynomial bases may have better numerical behaviour, but the user must then pass the coefficient matrices accordingly.

See Also

PEPSetOperators(), PEPGetBasis(), PEPBasis

Location: src/pep/interface/pepopts.c
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