slepc-3.16.0 2021-09-30
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Sets a flag to enforce detection of zeros during the factorizations throughout the spectrum slicing computation.


#include "slepcpep.h" 
PetscErrorCode PEPSTOARSetDetectZeros(PEP pep,PetscBool detect)
Logically Collective on pep

Input Parameters

pep  - the eigenproblem solver context
detect  - check for zeros

Options Database Key

-pep_stoar_detect_zeros  - Check for zeros; this takes an optional bool value (0/1/no/yes/true/false)


A zero in the factorization indicates that a shift coincides with an eigenvalue.

This flag is turned off by default, and may be necessary in some cases. This feature currently requires an external package for factorizations with support for zero detection, e.g. MUMPS.

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Location: src/pep/impls/krylov/stoar/stoar.c



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