slepc-3.18.1 2022-11-02
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Sets a flag to check that all the eigenvalues obtained throughout the spectrum slicing computation have the same definite type.


#include "slepcpep.h" 
PetscErrorCode PEPSTOARSetCheckEigenvalueType(PEP pep,PetscBool checket)
Logically Collective on pep

Input Parameters

pep  - the eigenproblem solver context
checket  - check eigenvalue type

Options Database Key

-pep_stoar_check_eigenvalue_type  - Check eigenvalue type; this takes an optional bool value (0/1/no/yes/true/false)


This option is relevant only for spectrum slicing computations, but it is ignored if the problem type is PEP_HYPERBOLIC.

This flag is turned on by default, to guarantee that the computed eigenvalues have the same type (otherwise the computed solution might be wrong). But since the check is computationally quite expensive, the check may be turned off if the user knows for sure that all eigenvalues in the requested interval have the same type.

See Also

PEPSetProblemType(), PEPSetInterval()





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