slepc-3.16.0 2021-09-30
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Gets the refinement strategy used by the PEP object, and the associated parameters.


#include "slepcpep.h" 
PetscErrorCode PEPGetRefine(PEP pep,PEPRefine *refine,PetscInt *npart,PetscReal *tol,PetscInt *its,PEPRefineScheme *scheme)
Not Collective

Input Parameter

pep  - the polynomial eigensolver context

Output Parameters

refine  - refinement type
npart  - number of partitions of the communicator
tol  - the convergence tolerance
its  - maximum number of refinement iterations
scheme  - the scheme used for solving linear systems


The user can specify NULL for any parameter that is not needed.

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Location: src/pep/interface/pepopts.c
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