slepc-3.17.1 2022-04-11
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Computes the projection of the nonlinear operator.


#include "slepcnep.h" 
PetscErrorCode NEPProjectOperator(NEP nep,PetscInt j0,PetscInt j1)
Collective on nep

Input Parameters

nep  - the nonlinear eigensolver context
j0  - initial index
j1  - final index


This is available for split operator only.

The nonlinear operator T(lambda) is projected onto span(V), where V is an orthonormal basis built internally by the solver. The projected operator is equal to sum_i V'*A_i*V*f_i(lambda), so this function computes all matrices Ei = V'*A_i*V, and stores them in the extra matrices inside DS. Only rows/columns in the range [j0,j1-1] are computed, the previous ones are assumed to be available already.

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