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Applies the resolvent T^{-1}(z) to a given vector.


#include "slepcnep.h" 
PetscErrorCode NEPApplyResolvent(NEP nep,RG rg,PetscScalar omega,Vec v,Vec r)
Collective on nep

Input Parameters

nep  - eigensolver context obtained from NEPCreate()
rg  - optional region
omega  - value where the resolvent must be evaluated
v  - input vector

Output Parameter

r  - result vector


The resolvent T^{-1}(z) = sum_i (z-lambda_i)^{-1}*x_i*y_i' is evaluated at z=omega and the matrix-vector multiplication r = T^{-1}(omega)*v is computed. Vectors x_i and y_i are right and left eigenvectors, respectively, normalized so that y_i'*T'(lambda_i)*x_i=1. The sum contains only eigenvectors that have been previously computed with NEPSolve(), and if a region rg is given then only those corresponding to eigenvalues inside the region are considered.

See Also

NEPGetLeftEigenvector(), NEPSolve()

Location: src/nep/interface/nepresolv.c



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