slepc-3.17.1 2022-04-11
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Applies the adjoint nonlinear function T(lambda)^* to a given vector.


#include "slepcnep.h" 
PetscErrorCode NEPApplyAdjoint(NEP nep,PetscScalar lambda,Vec x,Vec v,Vec y,Mat A,Mat B)
Collective on nep

Input Parameters

nep  - the nonlinear eigensolver context
lambda  - scalar argument
x  - vector to be multiplied against
v  - workspace vector (used only in the case of split form)

Output Parameters

y  - result vector
A  - (optional) Function matrix, for callback interface only
B  - (unused) preconditioning matrix

See Also

NEPSetSplitOperator(), NEPComputeFunction(), NEPApplyFunction()

Location: src/nep/interface/nepsolve.c



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