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Sets the solver to use a two-sided variant so that left eigenvectors are also computed.


#include "slepceps.h" 
PetscErrorCode EPSSetTwoSided(EPS eps,PetscBool twosided)
Logically Collective on eps

Input Parameters

eps  - the eigensolver context
twosided  - whether the two-sided variant is to be used or not

Options Database Keys

-eps_two_sided <boolean>  - Sets/resets the twosided flag


If the user sets twosided=PETSC_TRUE then the solver uses a variant of the algorithm that computes both right and left eigenvectors. This is usually much more costly. This option is not available in all solvers.

When using two-sided solvers, the problem matrices must have both the MatMult and MatMultTranspose operations defined.

See Also

EPSGetTwoSided(), EPSGetLeftEigenvector()

Location: src/eps/interface/epsopts.c



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