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Sets an ADDITIONAL function to be called at every iteration to monitor the error estimates for each requested eigenpair.


#include "slepceps.h" 
PetscErrorCode EPSMonitorSet(EPS eps,PetscErrorCode (*monitor)(EPS eps,PetscInt its,PetscInt nconv,PetscScalar *eigr,PetscScalar *eigi,PetscReal *errest,PetscInt nest,void *mctx),void *mctx,PetscErrorCode (*monitordestroy)(void**))
Logically Collective

Input Parameters

eps  - eigensolver context obtained from EPSCreate()
monitor  - pointer to function (if this is NULL, it turns off monitoring)
mctx  - [optional] context for private data for the monitor routine (use NULL if no context is desired)
monitordestroy  - [optional] routine that frees monitor context (may be NULL)

Calling sequence of monitor

 PetscErrorCode monitor(EPS eps,PetscInt its,PetscInt nconv,PetscScalar *eigr,PetscScalar *eigi,PetscReal *errest,PetscInt nest,void *mctx)
eps  - eigensolver context obtained from EPSCreate()
its  - iteration number
nconv  - number of converged eigenpairs
eigr  - real part of the eigenvalues
eigi  - imaginary part of the eigenvalues
errest  - relative error estimates for each eigenpair
nest  - number of error estimates
mctx  - optional monitoring context, as set by EPSMonitorSet()

Options Database Keys

-eps_monitor  - print only the first error estimate
-eps_monitor_all  - print error estimates at each iteration
-eps_monitor_conv  - print the eigenvalue approximations only when convergence has been reached
-eps_monitor draw::draw_lg  - sets line graph monitor for the first unconverged approximate eigenvalue
-eps_monitor_all draw::draw_lg  - sets line graph monitor for all unconverged approximate eigenvalues
-eps_monitor_conv draw::draw_lg  - sets line graph monitor for convergence history
-eps_monitor_cancel  - cancels all monitors that have been hardwired into a code by calls to EPSMonitorSet(), but does not cancel those set via the options database.


Several different monitoring routines may be set by calling EPSMonitorSet() multiple times; all will be called in the order in which they were set.

See Also

EPSMonitorFirst(), EPSMonitorAll(), EPSMonitorCancel()





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