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Sets the dimensions used for each subsolve step in case of doing spectrum slicing for a computational interval. The meaning of the parameters is the same as in EPSSetDimensions().


#include "slepceps.h" 
PetscErrorCode EPSKrylovSchurSetDimensions(EPS eps,PetscInt nev,PetscInt ncv,PetscInt mpd)
Logically Collective

Input Parameters

eps  - the eigenproblem solver context
nev  - number of eigenvalues to compute
ncv  - the maximum dimension of the subspace to be used by the subsolve
mpd  - the maximum dimension allowed for the projected problem

Options Database Key

-eps_krylovschur_nev <nev>  - Sets the number of eigenvalues
-eps_krylovschur_ncv <ncv>  - Sets the dimension of the subspace
-eps_krylovschur_mpd <mpd>  - Sets the maximum projected dimension

See Also

EPSKrylovSchurGetDimensions(), EPSSetDimensions(), EPSSetInterval()





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