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Gets the eigenproblem matrices stored internally in the subcommunicator to which the calling process belongs.


#include "slepceps.h" 
PetscErrorCode EPSKrylovSchurGetSubcommMats(EPS eps,Mat *A,Mat *B)
Collective on the subcommunicator

Input Parameter

eps  - the eigenproblem solver context

Output Parameters

A  - the matrix associated with the eigensystem
B  - the second matrix in the case of generalized eigenproblems


This is the analog of EPSGetOperators(), but returns the matrices distributed differently (in the subcommunicator rather than in the parent communicator).

These matrices should not be modified by the user.

See Also

EPSSetInterval(), EPSKrylovSchurSetPartitions(), EPSKrylovSchurGetSubcommInfo()

Location: src/eps/impls/krylov/krylovschur/krylovschur.c
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