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Sets the initial size of the searching space.


#include "slepceps.h" 
PetscErrorCode EPSJDSetInitialSize(EPS eps,PetscInt initialsize)
Logically Collective

Input Parameters

eps  - the eigenproblem solver context
initialsize  - number of vectors of the initial searching subspace

Options Database Key

-eps_jd_initial_size  - number of vectors of the initial searching subspace


If EPSJDGetKrylovStart() is PETSC_FALSE and the user provides vectors with EPSSetInitialSpace(), up to initialsize vectors will be used; and if the provided vectors are not enough, the solver completes the subspace with random vectors. In the case of EPSJDGetKrylovStart() being PETSC_TRUE, the solver gets the first vector provided by the user or, if not available, a random vector, and expands the Krylov basis up to initialsize vectors.

See Also

EPSJDGetInitialSize(), EPSJDGetKrylovStart()





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