slepc-3.21.1 2024-04-26
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Set the leading dimension to be used for storing the BV data.


#include "slepcbv.h" 
PetscErrorCode BVSetLeadingDimension(BV bv,PetscInt ld)
Not Collective

Input Parameters

bv  - basis vectors
ld  - the leading dimension


This parameter is relevant for BVMAT, though it might be employed in other types as well.

When the internal data of the BV is stored as a dense matrix, the leading dimension has the same meaning as in MatDenseSetLDA(), i.e., the distance in number of elements from one entry of the matrix to the one in the next column at the same row. The leading dimension refers to the local array, and hence can be different in different processes.

The user does not need to change this parameter. The default value is equal to the number of local rows, but this value may be increased a little to guarantee alignment (especially in the case of GPU storage).

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