slepc-3.21.1 2024-04-26
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Update a set of vectors as V(:,s:e-1) = V*Q(:,s:e-1).


#include "slepcbv.h" 
PetscErrorCode BVMultInPlace(BV V,Mat Q,PetscInt s,PetscInt e)
Logically Collective

Input Parameters

Q  - a sequential dense matrix
s  - first column of V to be overwritten
e  - first column of V not to be overwritten

Input/Output Parameter

V  - basis vectors


The matrix Q must be a sequential dense Mat, with all entries equal on all processes (otherwise each process will compute a different update).

This function computes V(:,s:e-1) = V*Q(:,s:e-1), that is, given a set of vectors V, columns from s to e-1 are overwritten with columns from s to e-1 of the matrix-matrix product V*Q. Only columns s to e-1 of Q are referenced.

See Also

BVMult(), BVMultVec(), BVMultInPlaceHermitianTranspose(), BVSetActiveColumns()





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