slepc-3.16.1 2021-11-17
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Returns the local and global sizes, and the number of columns.


#include "slepcbv.h" 
PetscErrorCode BVGetSizes(BV bv,PetscInt *n,PetscInt *N,PetscInt *m)
Not Collective

Input Parameter

bv  - the basis vectors

Output Parameters

n  - the local size
N  - the global size
m  - the number of columns


Normal usage requires that bv has already been given its sizes, otherwise the call fails. However, this function can also be used to determine if a BV object has been initialized completely (sizes and type). For this, call with n=NULL and N=NULL, then a return value of m=0 indicates that the BV object is not ready for use yet.

See Also

BVSetSizes(), BVSetSizesFromVec()

Location: src/sys/classes/bv/interface/bvbasic.c
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