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Gets the i-th eigenpair stored internally in the subcommunicator to which the calling process belongs.


#include "slepceps.h" 
PetscErrorCode EPSKrylovSchurGetSubcommPairs(EPS eps,PetscInt i,PetscScalar *eig,Vec v)
Collective on the subcommunicator (if v is given)

Input Parameter

eps  - the eigenproblem solver context
i  - index of the solution

Output Parameters

eig  - the eigenvalue
v  - the eigenvector


It is allowed to pass NULL for v if the eigenvector is not required. Otherwise, the caller must provide a valid Vec objects, i.e., it must be created by the calling program with EPSKrylovSchurGetSubcommInfo().

The index i should be a value between 0 and n-1, where n is the number of vectors in the local subinterval, see EPSKrylovSchurGetSubcommInfo().

See Also

EPSSetInterval(), EPSKrylovSchurSetPartitions(), EPSKrylovSchurGetSubcommInfo(), EPSKrylovSchurGetSubcommMats()

Location: src/eps/impls/krylov/krylovschur/krylovschur.c
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