Basic Installation Instructions

The following is a quick-start guide for installing SLEPc. For further details, the user is referred to the SLEPc Users Manual.

Previously to the installation of SLEPc, the system must have an appropriate version of PETSc installed (see the PETSc installation documentation for details). Check the Changes section for a list of SLEPc versions and their corresponding PETSc versions.

The installation process for SLEPc is very similar to PETSc, with two main stages: configuration and compilation. SLEPc configuration is much simpler because most of the configuration information is taken from PETSc, including compiler options and scalar type (real or complex). Several configurations can coexist in the same directory tree, being selected by different values of PETSC_ARCH, so that one can, for instance, have a SLEPc compiled with real scalars and another one with complex scalars.

The main steps for the installation are:

  1. Unbundle the distribution file slepc-3.20.0.tar.gz with a usual command such as tar xzf slepc-3.20.0.tar.gz. This will create a directory and unpack the software there.
  2. Set the environment variable SLEPC_DIR to the full path of the SLEPc home directory, for example,
    export SLEPC_DIR=/home/username/slepc-3.20.0
    In addition to this variable, PETSC_DIR and PETSC_ARCH must also be set appropriately.
  3. In the SLEPc directory, execute
    Note that in order to enable external packages (see below), this command must be run with appropiate options. To see all available options use ./configure --help
  4. In the SLEPc home directory, type
  5. Optionally, if an installation directory has been specified during configuration (with option --prefix in step 3 above), then type
    make install
    This is useful for building as a regular user and then copying the libraries and include files to the system directories as root.
  6. If the installation went smoothly, then try running some test examples with
    make check
    Examine the output for any obvious errors or problems.

Optional Software

SLEPc provides an interface to several software packages. These should be installed before installing SLEPc. These packages are not developed, maintained, or supported by the SLEPc team; we merely provide an interface to them. To integrate one of these libraries in SLEPc:

SLEPc currently interfaces to the following libraries:

Additional information about these packages can be found in the SLEPc Users Manual.