slepc-3.13.0 2020-03-31
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Sets a monitor function and viewer appropriate for the type indicated by the user (for monitors that only show iteration numbers of convergence).


#include "slepcsvd.h" 
PetscErrorCode SVDConvMonitorSetFromOptions(SVD svd,const char name[],const char help[],const char manual[],PetscErrorCode (*monitor)(SVD,PetscInt,PetscInt,PetscReal*,PetscReal*,PetscInt,SlepcConvMonitor))
Collective on svd

Input Parameters

svd  - the singular value solver context
name  - the monitor option name
help  - message indicating what monitoring is done
manual  - manual page for the monitor
monitor  - the monitor function, whose context is a SlepcConvMonitor

See Also

SVDMonitorSet(), SVDMonitorSetFromOptions()

Location: src/svd/interface/svdopts.c
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