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A longer list of frequently asked questions can be found here.

Where should I send SLEPc bug reports and questions?

Send all maintenance requests to the SLEPc developers via the email address slepc-maint@upv.es.


How can I subscribe to the SLEPc users mailing list?

You can join the SLEPc users mailing list by following the instructions in the Contact section. We will update users regarding new releases, changes, etc. through this mailing list.


Apart from PETSc, is it necessary to install other software to use SLEPc?

No, the only requirement to use SLEPc is to have PETSc installed in your system. Additionally, if you want to have access to eigensolvers not included in SLEPc, then you will have to install other libraries (e.g. ARPACK).


Which is the recommended way of learning SLEPc?

Possibly, the best way of learning to use SLEPc is to follow these steps: