A good starting point for learning SLEPc is to read the Users Manual and then try the hands-on exercises. See also the video-tutorials. Application programmers can readily begin to use SLEPc from a high level (starting from one of the examples) and then gradually learn more details according to their needs.


The following video-tutorials have a 10 minute duration each, and include demonstration of actual code executions.

1. SLEPc: What is it for?
2. SLEPc: Installation
3. SLEPc: Compiling and running programs
4. SLEPc: Standard eigenvalue problem
5. SLEPc: Viewing the solution
6. SLEPc: Spectral transformation
7. SLEPc: How to compute different parts of the spectrum
8. SLEPc: Matrix-free eigenproblems

Printable Documentation

SLEPc Users Manual - [PDF]

SLEPc Technical Reports (STR): Click here to show the list of reports

SLEPc Manual Pages

Index of all manual pages

Main solver classes:
      Eigenvalue Problem Solver (EPS)
      Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)
      Polynomial Eigenvalue Problem (PEP)
      Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problem (NEP)
      Matrix Function (MFN)
      Linear Matrix Equation (LME)

Auxiliary classes and system routines:
      Spectral Transformation (ST)
      Direct Solver (DS)
      Basis Vectors (BV)
      Mathematical Function (FN)
      Region (RG)
      System Routines

Note: The manual pages are organized in four categories:
      Beginner - Basic usage
      Intermediate - Setting options for algorithms and data structures
      Advanced - Setting more advanced options and customization
      Developer - Interfaces intended primarily for library developers, not for typical applications programmers

Additional Online Documentation

Documentation of SLEPc's Python interface (slepc4py), also available at readthedocs

Hands-on Exercises for SLEPc - exercises intended for learning SLEPc by example

PETSc Manual Pages

SLEPc is based on PETSc and therefore users are recommended to use the SLEPc documentation together with the one provided with PETSc.

PETSc Documentation: [PETSc website]