To Do List

The following is a list of things that may be included in future releases. Note that some of them may already be available in the development version (the Download section explains how to access the repository).

If you are interested in having any particular functionality added in future releases, we encourage you to request it by contacting the authors.

Reporting Problems

Problems can be reported by contacting the authors as explained in the Contact section. An alternative is to add an issue at SLEPc's GitLab site.

Regarding usage from programming languages other than C/C++, we note the following:


Contributions are welcome, see In order to contribute code, it is necessary to work with the development version and be familiar with the git version control system and The preferred way of accepting contributions is via merge requests, as described at If planning a large contribution, it is better to contact the authors in order to discuss your plans and get some advice. In any case, contributors should be aware that the submitted code will be covered by SLEPc's license. The name of contributors will be acknowledged in SLEPc's documentation and website.