Contacting the Authors

SLEPc e-mail

The SLEPc maintenance e-mail, , is intended for users to

Before sending a bug report, please consult the SLEPc documentation, the Frequently Asked Questions, the GitLab issues, and the mailing list (see below).

Important: If you are sending an e-mail asking for assistance in installation of SLEPc, please attach the log files generated by the configuration process. These files are located under a subdirectory named $PETSC_ARCH/lib/slepc/conf/ in SLEPc's main directory.

GitLab Issues

An alternative to e-mail is to open an issue at SLEPc's GitLab site. The advantage of this approach is that the discussion is public and hence other users may read it at a later time.

Users Mailing List

We do not maintain a mailing list specific for SLEPc users to share experiences and ask questions, but SLEPc-related queries can be posted in the petsc-users mailing list.

Consulting Services

The SLEPc team can provide consulting and/or training services to users that do not want to invest effort in learning and developing a SLEPc-based application, or that have special requirements currently not available in SLEPc. This type of service is available for a fee. For additional details, contact us via the e-mail .