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Linear Matrix Equation - LME: Examples

Linear Matrix Equation (LME) is the object provided by SLEPc for solving linear matrix equations such as Lyapunov or Sylvester where the solution has low rank.

Beginner - Basic usage
LME LMESetCoefficients LMESolve
LMECreate LMESetFromOptions LMEType
LMEDestroy LMESetProblemType LMEView
LMEProblemType LMESetRHS
Intermediate - Setting options for algorithms and data structures
LMEConvergedReason LMEGetRHS LMEReasonView
LMEGetCoefficients LMEGetSolution LMESetDimensions
LMEGetConvergedReason LMEGetTolerances LMESetErrorIfNotConverged
LMEGetDimensions LMEGetType LMESetSolution
LMEGetErrorIfNotConverged LMEMonitorCancel LMESetTolerances
LMEGetIterationNumber LMEMonitorDefault LMESetType
LMEGetMonitorContext LMEMonitorLGCreate
LMEGetProblemType LMEMonitorSet
Advanced - Setting more advanced options and customization
LMEAppendOptionsPrefix LMEGetOptionsPrefix LMESetBV
LMEComputeError LMERegister LMESetOptionsPrefix
LMEGetBV LMERegisterAll
LMEGetErrorEstimate LMEReset
Developer - Interfaces intended primarily for library developers, not for typical applications programmers
LMEAllocateSolution LMEInitializePackage LMESetUp
LMEDenseLyapunovFact LMEMonitorSetFromOptions
LMEFinalizePackage LMEReasonViewFromOptions
No deprecated routines

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