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Mathematical Function - FN

The FN package provides the functionality to represent a simple mathematical function such as an exponential, a polynomial or a rational function. This is used as a building block for defining the function associated to the nonlinear eigenproblem, as well as for specifying which function to use when computing the action of a matrix function on a vector.

Beginner - Basic usage
FN FNDestroy FNType
FNCreate FNSetFromOptions FNView
Intermediate - Setting options for algorithms and data structures
FNCombineGetChildren FNGetType FNRationalSetDenominator
FNCombineSetChildren FNPhiGetIndex FNRationalSetNumerator
FNEvaluateDerivative FNPhiSetIndex FNSetScale
FNEvaluateFunction FNRationalGetDenominator FNSetType
FNGetScale FNRationalGetNumerator
Advanced - Setting more advanced options and customization
FNAppendOptionsPrefix FNEvaluateFunctionMatVec FNRegisterAll
FNCombineType FNGetOptionsPrefix FNSetOptionsPrefix
FNEvaluateFunctionMat FNRegister
Developer - Interfaces intended primarily for library developers, not for typical applications programmers
FNDuplicate FNFinalizePackage FNInitializePackage
No deprecated routines

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