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Specifies if the solver must compute the true residual explicitly or not.


#include "slepceps.h" 
PetscErrorCode EPSSetTrueResidual(EPS eps,PetscBool trueres)
Logically Collective on EPS

Input Parameters

eps  - the eigensolver context
trueres  - whether true residuals are required or not

Options Database Keys

-eps_true_residual <boolean>  - Sets/resets the boolean flag 'trueres'


If the user sets trueres=PETSC_TRUE then the solver explicitly computes the true residual for each eigenpair approximation, and uses it for convergence testing. Computing the residual is usually an expensive operation. Some solvers (e.g., Krylov solvers) can avoid this computation by using a cheap estimate of the residual norm, but this may sometimes give inaccurate results (especially if a spectral transform is being used). On the contrary, preconditioned eigensolvers (e.g., Davidson solvers) do rely on computing the true residual, so this option is irrelevant for them.

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